Calvary Baptist Church
An Abbreviated Church History
- November 27th:  a group of 60 people gathered at the home of Mrs. T.B. White and made the decision to withdraw from Leavenworth Baptist Church to form a new congregation to be known as the Baptist Fellowship Association of Leavenworth.
- December 16th:  the first meeting of the new church was held on the second floor of the old YWCA building at 511 Delaware Street in Leavenworth.  The rental fee for a month's use was $25.00.   The meeting was called to order by F.L. McGahen.  The Reverend H. MacDonald Thompson from Ottawa, Kansas was elected Moderator for the meeting and F.L. McGahen as Clerk, Pro Tem.  One hundred twelve people were included on the church roll as charter members.
- December 30th:   the Church Covenant, By-Laws, and Articles of Faith were approved.
- January 20th:  first mention of Calvary Baptist Church as our name as recorded in meeting minutes.
- January:  The first yearly budget was set at $5,000.  The first treasury report for the month of January 1929 had receipts of $274.46.  Disbursements were $274.46, of which $68.91 was on deposit in the bank.  A Benevolent Fund reported receipts of $47.22, with the same amount being paid out. 
- The Reverend H. MacDonald Thompson was called to fill the church pulpit on Sundays for six months.  His salary was $100 per month. 
- April:  Reverend MacDonald was called to serve five days a week, at a salary of $1,900 per year.
- June 12th:  the church voted 38 to 1 to have the Trustees proceed in acquiring the property at West 7th and Olive Streets for $3,500.  Each member was asked to fill out a pledge card to be used as collateral in securing a loan.  There was apparently an older home on the property that was used for some church activities.  This house was later torn down by church members.  The men would dismantle boards and give them to women who would pull out nails and sort, keeping the reusable wood.
- July 24th:  a council was called to include pastors from Baptist churches from around the Leavenworth area, to recognize the new church.  Also present were Reverent Merrit from Ottawa University, J.T. Crawford, Sate Executive Secretary, along with the President of the Kansas Baptist Convention, Dr. J.F. Watts.
- September 9th:  the church voted to affiliate with the Missouri River Association.
- May 13th:  a ballot to nominate a church pianist was taken, resulting in 18 votes for Miss Thompson and 8 for Miss Erickson. 
- January:  Miss Erickson was elected to be the church organist at $1.00 per Sunday.
- A Building Committee and a Fund Soliciting Committe were first mentioned in the 1937 minutes.  Reports were given about checking with the Loan Association for a $10,000 loan to build a new church at the West 7th and Olive location.  It appears that several smaller loans were obtained as construction proceeded.  The estimated cost for a rock foundation for the church was $720.  The common labor wage was to be fixed at 35 cents per hour.  It appeared that Levi Walker was in charge of building construction with the Trustees serving as the building committee.
- June 11th:  dedication for the new building was held.
- November 5th:  Calvary became debt-free from loans to build the church in 1945 and honored that event with a celebration service.
- Calvary helped in the establishment of a mission church at Wilson avenue and Vilas, in the area commonly known as Billy Goat Hill.
- the first Calvary parsonage was located at 606 Columbia.  It was sold in 1948 and a house at 1222 Spruce was purchased and used until a new parsonage was built next door to the church in 1965.  Joe Parker (a building contractor and church member) led many church members in building the structure. 
- six new classrooms were added on the south side of the old church.  Joe Parker, along with several church members, participated in the construction.  It is believed the parsonage was built for $10,000 and classrooms for $19,000.
- May:  Calvary purchased 6.25 acres (God's Acres) of land on 10th Avenue for $65,000.  The church paid $30,000 from the church's treasury and secured a five-year loan of $35,000.  The church made a pledge to pay off the loan in three years and did it in 18 months. 
- a Building Committee was formed late in the year consisting of Phil Martin, Dorothy Jackson, Pastor Bill West, and Bob Goff.
- December:  the old church was sold.  Calvary received $157,476.25 from the sale of the old church and secured a $300,000 building loan with an additional loan later of $25,000.
- February 14th:  groundbreaking for the new church was held.  During the construction period, the church was able to use the VA Chapel for worship services.  Some setbacks during the building process included a sewer development tax ($57,000) and blowing down of our north wall during early construction.  Kent Rathjen was our general contractor.  Many church members helped in building God's house. 
- October:  we moved into the new church.  When the last bills were paid and books were balanced, we returned $13,761.85 to the church treasury.
During Calvary's 80-plus years, we have had 18 pastors.  We were also blessed with many devoted interim pastors. As of August 2017 we began a search for a new Senior Pastor. 

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